Ways to Automate Your Processes in Your E-commerce Business

  • Keeping users on social media sites updated at all times

When an entrepreneur sets up social media sites regarding their organization, they may post offers, sales or promotions however only a number of users may see those posts as they may not be online at all times, thus missing out on the vital updates. To help with this problem, a social media management tool known as Edgar was created that gets rid of this problem by letting the user schedule their important updates to their convenience. By constantly using a marketing strategy businesses can raise awareness regarding their products in the marketplace at all times.

  • Drive traffic by using Pinterest

Pinterest is seen as a great tool to attract traffic to an e-commerce business for several reasons. Firstly, those who use Pinterest spend way more that users from other social media platform. Pinterest allows websites to see pins from quite a long period of time. Most social media sites have a limitation on the characters used in a post but that is not the case with Pinterest. Pinterest gives you the ability to modify goals for your clients, and truly create the purchaser travel.

  • Accounting

As most business owners are busy with many things it is best if they automate their accounts system. With the use of automation tools that are cloud based business owners can save a lot of time on sending invoices, ordering the products and selling them.

  • Sync your inventory across your platforms

When entrepreneurs sell their products across different market platforms such as Amazon and e-bay, they would want to avoid any sort of error and thus automate their processes to decrease the chances of those errors. Stitch Labs is an example of inventory management software that does not use excels sheets and lowers the risk of having unhappy customers and incomplete orders.

  • Making use of self-help tools

It may be a risk to complete automate the customer service department in an organization. Thus it is better if business automates their customer service department by using self-help tools on the website. Websites can also include an FAQ section as most users have similar questions and queries. This way it is easy for the users to get the answers to their questions without having to contact the organization.

  • Cart desertion

All online businesses face the problem of cart abandonment as it is a normal part of the e-commerce business at this time. It is reported that cart abandonment is increasing, on average, “68% of shopping carts are abandoned.” A great way to get back that clientele is through automated cart abandonment emails. The first email would go out as soon as the cart is abandoned. If there is no reply to the first email, there is a follow up email and a third email could be sent out within 24 hours if there is no reply to the second one. A study has proven this option to work as 48% of abandoned cart emails are opened.

  • Ship your products to order fulfillment centers

Business owners might need to think about outsourcing the shipment of their items to clients to a fulfillment center. As an order gets processed on the website, it is then sent to the fulfillment center with the help of proper tools. At the fulfillment center it is collected, packaged and shipped to the customers. Even though fulfillment centers may be a bit costly for the organization it gives the business a greater warehousing space that can hold all the products.




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